Dell’s Latitude 9510 shakes 5 G, machine learning, and thin bezels for enterprise laptops

Dell’s Latitude 9510 has three features that we love in particular: the integrated 5 G, the Dell Optimizer App that suits your needs with the laptop, and the thin bezels around the huge display.

The Dell Latitude 9510 is a new generation of enterprise laptops. Inspired in part by the popular and much-loved Dell XPS 15 from the brand, it is the first product in an ultra-premium line of business filled with the best of the best, tailored for business users.

Announced January 2 and released Monday at CES in Las Vegas, the Latitude 9510 weights just 3.2 pounds and promises a battery life of up to 30 hours. PCWorld had the opportunity to dig into the Latitude 9510’s guts, learn more about what’s inside and how it was made. Here are the best things we have ever seen:

The Dell Latitude 9510 is shown to be disassembled, with (top, left to right) the magnesium bottom panel, the aluminum display cloth, and the interiors; and (bottom) the ports array, speaker chambers, keyboard and other small parts.

Look at the small lunettes

The thin bezels around the 15.6-inch panel (see top of the story) are the biggest hint their relative, the XPS 15, inspired by the Latitude 9510. Considering the screen size the Latitude 9510 is surprisingly small. And yet, owing to a teeny, tiny sliver of a frame, Dell managed to squeeze in a camera above the monitor.

How Dell incorporated 5 G into Latitude 9510

A closer look at the Dell Latitude 9510 motherboard reveals the 52Wh battery and the areas around the periphery in which Dell mounted the 5 G antennas.

The Latitude 9510 is one of the first laptops with integrated 5 G networking we’ve seen. 5 G’s challenge in laptops is to fit all the antennas you need within a chassis made of metal that is distinctly radio-unfriendly.

Dell made several deliberate decisions, arranging the antennas around the edges of the device and strategically adding pieces of plastic to enhance reception. For example, two of the antennas are positioned beneath the plastic speaker components and the plastic speaker grille.

The Dell Latitude 9510 integrated plastic speaker panels to allow the antennas underneath to be recepted.

Not ready to hit 5 G? No worry. Dell also provides the newest wireless networking standard, the Latitude 9510 with Wi-Fi 6.

Dell Computer Optimizer really does get you

You constantly ask the PC to do things for you, usually the same things, time and time again. Dell’s Optimizer program, which makes its debut on the Latitude 9510, analyzes your usage patterns and tries to save you time with routine tasks.

The Express SignIn function, for example, logs you in a faster time. The ExpressResponse function learns which applications you first shoot up, and loads them for you faster. Express Charge monitors the use of the battery and changes the settings to save more, or move in with quicker charging when you need a certain power. Intelligent audio can attempt to block background noise so you can get less interference from videoconferencing.

The advanced features and great looks of the Dell Latitude 9510 will improve both performance and design of the corporate laptops. It comes in versions of clamshell and2-in-1 and is due to be shipped on March 26. Pricing still isn’t clear.

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