This 7-screen laptop bonker deserves to be at CES

We’ll just say it: Someone should have booked a flight to Las Vegas to show off CES ‘ seven-screen laptop Expanscape Aurora 7.

I say, to be serious. CES, the home of litter boxes that evaluate your cat’s poop using AI? Products made from vegetable pork? Ivanka Trump, right? At this celebration of the far-out and awesome, a seven screen laptop will fit right in.

Sure, Expanscape claims the Aurora 7 is a concept of engineering. But that’s what CES is— a place where absolutely bonkers innovations are shown that no one is specifically asked for, in the hope of getting some attention and (maybe) funding. Expanscape says that it even sells those prototypes!

“Expanscape will produce and sell our prototypes even before they are completed because we understand that the DevOps, SecOps and CyberSecurity communities are in high demand for these products,” the company says. That is what we are talking about now.

Let’s look at the specs: Inside what the company calls a “heavily modified / customized ODM laptop,” there’s a Core i9-9900 K that’s in the photos. And reportedly there’s also a Nvidia GTX in there. According to Expanscape a formal price and spec sheet is due later this week.

But the real meat is in the screens, all seven of them: four 17.3-inch 4 K monitors, plus three 1920×1200 displays, “as well as an additional mini monitor that shows system status info and user configurable content.”

The other Expanscape project is promoting just for fun: the TeenyServe Duo, regarded as the “only ‘ pocketable ‘ dual-screen solution that suits a quad-core, Intel i7 (4GHz+) 8-thread, NVMe SSD, and 64 GB RAM in your port!

Are we dissuaded by the fact that a real address or phone number is not listed on the website, and both are “coming soon?” Or that the email we sent to the company’s email address requesting more information and a bounced price? Clearly not. This is exactly the kind of thing we can expect from one of the many exhibits of CES items that dot the convention landscape in Las Vegas. (Well, just the fringe-iest ones, anyway.) So if there’s a real computer behind this prototype (and yes, we’re skeptical) then it’s a crying shame we didn’t get to drool over it at CES. Next year perhaps with, what, 12 displays?

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